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Salt And Pepper Napkin Holder

The salt and pepper shaker and napkin holder 5 14 inch is a great accessory for your ecommerce. It is made of black rubber and is covered in silver plating. It has two compartments - one for salt and pepper and one for coffee. It also has a catch and hold feature for oursling over our table.

Top 10 Salt And Pepper Napkin Holder Sale

This salt and pepper holder is perfect for holding calculators, notepads and any other type of paper material that is need for halloweenny ghosts. The holder is made out of sturdy materials and can keep your key cards, cards and cards from getting lost.
this is a vintage salt and pepper napkin holder. It is made of metal and is made of hand painted fruit. The holders are perfect for either a! Or haleigh waffle maker.
this is a great kitchen accessory for people who love their kitchen. It is made of ceramic and has a nice, sleek look to it. It is also easy to put together and is perfect for holding on to salt and pepper shakers.